Hi Everyone, It's May with my drive me insane new blog......This is what I have looked like over the last few weeks..

O my word how hard is it to set up a new blog...VERY hard I know nothing as its all changed I cant even get a followers thingy me gig on the sidebar every time I try Google takes over even though my blog is blogger....Yikes.... Its my Birthday soon so was going to ask for some pennies from my family and I shall get someone to do it for me.... it's a wee nightmare to say the least....

So I have been using my desk honest just could not get it to upload pics or anything  so here goes of what I've been up too.......
 Some pretty patchwork fabric so I decided I would make a sewing machine tidy pad... and a chair cover to match
  I like the summery colours it cheers me up no end these pretty pinks
 A very old chair which I use for my sewing
Do you notice the mistake... No seam binding above the pockets... I was so carried away with making it I forgot.... Mind you seam binding and me are still trying to figure each other out... I will get better with more practice I hope....

So any one looking at this post for the first time is probably wondering why I am having a ramble about what I've been up too... Well its all down to the lovely Julia the queen of the worlds desks her amazing blog can be found HERE and all shall be revealed

I missed you all so I am going on a wee look back at your desks over the last few weeks...

Have a happy week all and Thank you all so much for your kind visits x x x

Hugs May x x x x