Hi Everyone,
Here we are again's Wednesday and its were we all head off for a  peek at the world desks...  Why!!! well pop over to the lovely JULIA the queen of desks and all will be revealed ... don't be shy join us all it's great fun...

Well The christening took place what a beautiful day that was my little flower pots went down a treat...
You can see them at the side of the cake before they were surrounded with far too much food
 I made these too they are supposed to be ballerinas made out of marshmallows I got this idea from good old Pinterest...
It  was a beautiful day... little Eva was soooooooooooo good  and so were most of the adults!!

Thank you so much for your visit today... short and sweet post today...

Take care all
Hugs May x x x



  1. Glad the Christening went so well. My crafty friend is called Eva, so the cake made me smile. Beautiful decorations and clever ideas (Pinterest is so useful). Sarah #13

  2. Morning May. Glad all went well for the christening. The cake, flowers and ballerinas look really good. Well done.
    Take care. God bless.
    Margaret #2

  3. Well, the little flowers in pots looked good against that cake. That cake was beautiful too and I am so glad the day went off perfectly for you all.
    Hugs & Thanks for the earlier visit - Neet xx

  4. Hi May, glad it all went so well, and your makes look beautiful. I'm sure they were well appreciated. Have a lovely week, Hugs, Shaz #3 XxX

  5. May, your flower pots were the ideal way to go for such a special occasion. The cake is very pretty. I'd never make anything that fancy. I admire the baker's skill.
    Happy WOYWW!
    Rose of Rose's Art Garden #31

  6. Happy WOYWW ave a great week xx Jan (30)

  7. May, So glad the day went so well.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog.

    Happy WOYWW
    Sue #9

  8. Oh my, those "ballerinas" are just too cute! What a great idea! And the cake, too cool! Thanks for the visit! Have a great week!
    Carol N 322

  9. Lovely pics, gorgeous cake, cute ballerinas! Glad the day was perfect! Have a great week, thanks for sharing! Lindart #35

  10. what an amazing looking cake! glad the day went so well. Thank you for your lovely comments, both about my sister and the Kew photos! Helen #1

  11. Pinterest is such a treasure trove of good ideas, isn't it? Love the little trees you made. Thanks for stopping by today.

    Fiona #36

  12. wow great decorations ! Isn't pinterest great for ideas !!
    Darlene #34

  13. So pleased the day went well and the adults behaved themselves Lol! Have a great crafty week and happy woyww, Angela x11x

  14. Had to laugh that the adults behaved, as that wasn't the case with my grandson's 1st birthday. The cake and ballerina's are amazing..what cute ideas! Thanks for stopping by, and don't worry, the fishes will be recycled some how--and some day I'll learn to clean my fingers before touching the white parts! LOL!! Have a great week.
    -K #29

  15. Hi May. I love the ballerinas. May have to remember those for my eldest daughter's next birthday. I love Pinterest, so much inspiration in one place! Thanks for stopping by, and have a lovely week. Heather #25

  16. Hi May, I love your blog header photo with the happy shelves. ( first thought, cannot remember if I have mentioned that or not before) and the ballerina's are such a fun treat :) ~Stacy #37

  17. That is a lot of pink. :-) Those ballerinas are adorable.
    April #19

  18. What a beautiful little cake! Thanks for your lovely comments about Maxine's website. We are both working hard at present - lots of fun though.xx Jo

  19. Oooh, those flower pots look so sweet! I almost feel sorry there's no little kids in my neighbourhood to try and create such treatments for (my friends and I all have grown up kids and there's no grandchildren yet...) I love the marshmellow-ballerinas too, they sure look like they're dancing! Thanks for stopping by my blog the other day, hug from Holland, Marit #26

  20. Your flowers look fabulous framing the beautiful cake May and your ballerinas look so pretty, I'm so pleased that the day went well.
    Pauline - Crafting with Cotnob

  21. Hi May
    Those little flower pots are SO cute! How clever!
    Thanks for dropping by and for you lovely comments re my knitting.
    Have a good week.

  22. Some adorable ideas for your table. Glad everyone had fun. Holiday weekend here and I am hoping to get out a few fall things. Crisp air, birds leaving and craving for that fall food, pumpkin deserts, turkey/dressing, soups..Have a great weekend, thanks for the visit.

  23. Pink city, super cake and flower decs adore the ballerinas, hugs and thanks for the visit BJ#23

  24. I'm glad the Christening was a lovely day. You have such great ideas, I love the marshmallow ballerinas and your flowers look perfect with the cake.
    Thanks for popping by already.
    Hugs Lisax #17

  25. Thank you for your visit earlier, really was a wonderful adventure - PJ is like that, I am soooo Blessed with him.
    Beautiful work on the trees, and those marshmallows - mmmmmm
    Christine #15

  26. So glad the Christening went well! Love the display - your flower pots look wonderful and I love your marshmallow ballerinas too! xxx

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