Hi Everyone,

Thank you all for your kind visits last week... It was so lovely to visit you guys and to see what you all had been up too.... I'm not a lot more ahead with this blog so It looks like I will need to embrace google as I don't think I can really do much else.. I think I am just having a wee spate of things going a bit wrong... for example check out my first ripe tomato ... what the heck... happened to him....

Such is life embrace it all... Well I have joined an amazing ladies stitchery club  She is on my side bar.... The lovely JENNY  I have never embroidered before or done much sewing so I am out to learn it all....Below is one of Jenny's designs...don't look to close my first ever embroidery project...

Now the embroidery part is wrong its not that good's UNIQUE you could never buy one like that me...  my first time I plan to get better... I must say I found it so relaxing to do and with Jenny's inspirational blog to kept me going... she is well worth a visit  to see all the lovely creations and her baking she enjoys doing and a lot of her embroidery patterns are free from her shop my next project is a free design...  But don't forget your cuppa as you will get caught up in her Beautiful blog...

So why I am having a wee ramble on my blog about what I've been up too... This is all down to the lovely JULIA the Queen of desk sharing every Wednesday... we all visit the worlds crafty desks come along and join us be warned it's very addictive... we all would love to see you...

Thank you all for your kind visit...Have a wonderful WOYWW X X X

Hugs May        X X X


  1. I so miss cross-stitch and embroidery. I was never very good, but it IS relaxing!
    Happy WOYWW :)
    Claire, no. 3

  2. I love what you've done! Hand stitching is very meditative and very relaxing AND you get something lovely at the end. Thanks for the heads up about that blog, I'm off for a peek :-)
    Hugs LLJ 8 xxx

  3. Hi! Thank you for visiting me last week on WOYWW.
    I´m very late this time o this week I start visiting
    you before I make my own post for this week.

    I love visiting and getting inspired and always wish
    I had talent to sew wen I see you "patchworkers" ...
    Strange word maybe. I think you understand. ;-D

    Have a great WOYWW this week!
    Best wishes,

  4. Morning May. That embroidery is great - being creative is what's important, not looking at, or for, mistakes.
    Take care. God bless.
    Margaret #2

  5. Your tomato made me laugh, it looks like it's sticking its tongue out. I don't see anything wrong with your first attempt at embroidery, you should feel proud of yourself. Happy WOYWW Sarah #25

  6. Hi May, thats a great first attempt. Everything is a learning curve, so well done for trying something new. Have a lovely week, Hugs, Shaz #4 XxX

  7. Ah May, your embroidery is lovely, and everything takes practice. Having the time to do it is such a gift! I have no idea why the tomato grew like that, but it makes me smile, and that means it's a good thing! Did it Tate any different?!

  8. Hello May! My name is Belinda. I used to participate in WOYWW years ago and have just rejoined to meet some new crafty friends. Your little tomato looks so cute. I have had a bad harvest in my vegetable garden this year. My tomatoes are almost non-existant. I love seeing your embroidery. I used to do a little way before my kids but I have recently been curious to give it a go again. I have had a busy summer with my family and have slowly returned to my desk. If you find time, come on by and have a peek:


  9. Hi May. I also love cross stitching and embroidery. Maybe I need more that one craft room ... the needlework case is beautiful. I daren't take a look at Jenny's blog or I'll get hooked! Have a lovely week, Heather #30

  10. I did a lot of embroidery, crewel embroidery, counted cross stitch, and sewing years ago. One must start somewhere and your project is lovely! Keep it up! Thanks for stopping by and have a great week!
    Carol N #31

  11. Hi May - I agree with everything StampinCarol said. You're doing fine for your first try. I am quite impressed.
    Jenny's blog sounds fab. thanks for the tip!
    Happy WOYWW!
    ~Rose of Rose's Art Garden #36

  12. I have loved having a little snoop across those shelves! Your little embroidery is so pretty. x Jo #18

  13. I like the look of your new blog - love the header! good luck with the embroidery. LOL at that tomato! Helen #1

  14. Hi May, Your project isn't just unique, it's handmade with love and that is priceless.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog.

    Happy WOYWW
    Sue #12

  15. Well, if you hadn't said it was your first, and how you thought there were things wrong with it, I never would have known! Looks lovely to me! Have a great week, thanks for sharing, Lindart #35

  16. Hi May, you're embroidery is lovely the sewing organiser is absolutely perfect - I love it! As for your tomato with a'nose' - I believe it could be genetic. Here's a link in Garden Knowhow with an explanation: I should mention that I love your header - those shelves are so pretty. Thanks for visiting and leaving a comment earlier. Lunch was good. Have a wonderful week. Elizabeth x #28

    PS: It's lovely to see you back.

  17. I love your embroidery! It's really good and so pretty, I couldn't do it in a million years! I am looking forward to seeing more as you progress. I did laugh at your tomato - I have never seen one quite like that before! xxx

  18. Ohh love all your craft goodies. Have a great week xx Jan (42)

  19. Really well done on your first embroidery project - it looks great to me! Loved the tomato - I had one a bit like that only the extra bit was at the bottom and I'm not sure what the type of tomato plant is but they end up stripy! - red and green stripes!
    Bernice #24

  20. I think your embroidery is lovely. And your tomato is very unusual.
    April #24

  21. I think your tomato looks kinda cute - he has grown a nose!
    Your embroidery is fine - I certainly could not improve on that - in fact maybe I could not even do it.
    Have a good week
    Hugs & Thanks for visiting me earlier - Neet 13 xx

  22. Love your little sewing and embroidery project - that's something I might want to get into further down the line. I'll check out Jenny's blog - thanks for the link. The tomato looks funny - could be a cartoon character! Thanks for visiting yesterday! Have a lovely week! zsuzsa #29

  23. HI May! Your little Tom is a real character I think! And your embroidery project is SO pretty, I love it :o) Annie C #22

  24. What pretty embroidered tree and birds, super job. Thanks for the visit BJ#19

  25. Great tomato! I love your stitching.
    Have a great day!
    Diane #26

  26. Ok, that tomato is too cute! Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving a comment!